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Here is the spot to quickly see what is going on in the Shaking Arts world. New works will be posted here as well as any promotions, gallery showings, conventions, book signings, lecture or speaking event etc. If you are interested in hosting a book signing or hosting a private or public art show or would like me to speak at an event contact me and we can set it up. 

September News

Shaking Arts is now officially a division of Tigerlillyllc. Tigerlillyllc is a woman owned business that specializes in handmade candles, soaps etc. Click the logo to check the site out.

Tigerlillyllc and Shaking Arts has a space/booth at this year's Popcorn Festival in Valparaiso IN this Saturday, Sept 10. Not only will there be amazing scented candles and soaps but I will be there selling signed copies of my book along with a few selected pieces and prints. If you are in the area please come and check us out!

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2021 Eddie Van Halen.jpg


New ART!

How is this for a start to the new month?!?! Go big or go home. This new piece of guitarist and Rock and Roll Legend Eddie Van Halen is my attempt of capturing him at his best. You can find this piece in the Music Gallery by clicking on the image. Hope you connect



The Tease 2. This piece is 48" Long by 23" Wide on a piece of reinforced drywall. You can check it out in the Erotica Gallery. Hope you connect.

2022 The Tease2.jpg
Figure Study 1_21
The Kurgan
Sunday Dreaming
Mirror Let Me Out


New ART!

Look out! The creative juices are flowing. Check out these new works. A little bit of everything goin on. From The Kurgan in the movie Highlander to a figure study and a self portrait. Please click on the image to go to the appropriate gallery or click the button to go to the general all combined gallery to get the details. Hope you connect.

History of Present Illness

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New project

Part of increasing awareness for Parkinson's is getting involved with platforms that span many diseases, afflictions, conditions or whatever term you feel comfortable. My path crossed with Eric Beam, MD recently and I am fortunate enough to be a contributing story in his project addressing illnesses and the personal stories behind them. To learn about the aliment is to learn about the person. 

I am fortunate enough be one story in this kick off project that I feel has great potential to grow quickly and benefit many. Please click on the link or image and check it out. You may even be motivated to participate. Either way I hope you can spare a few moments and check this out.


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New Book

It finally happened! With the help of Dorrance Publishing I got my first book done. I have selected over 50 personal favorite works from the last 10 years and provided a little history about my journey this far. If you are a fan of my work and do not have wall space to display the works you connect with this might be just what you are looking for. It is available on the Dorrance Publishing Bookstore, Google Play, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Click the icon or button to get your copy. And if you do get a copy and enjoy the book please leave a review on the platform you obtained it.