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Badasses Wear Masks. Can you name all 13 of some of the toughest people (or characters they have portrayed) around? Go to my Pop Culture gallery to see the names of these 13 and to add to your cart. Have fun with it. I did. Hope you connect.

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Starting the fourth quarter of this crazy 2020. Now that most of the nagging health issues are behind me I have been able to kick start the new year. I have a handful of new works already in their respected galleries and I'm on the cusp of adding some pretty cool new features to the website. Just need a little more time so keep your eyes open for those new announcements. Until then please check out my new pieces and some old ones. I've added a Sale Items gallery for discounted pieces to make room for new art! Thank you for your time - Hugs, me

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PD Gladiators



I was fortunate enough to have been asked to design a logo for this wonderful organization. There are so many amazing organizations to help those with Parkinson's Disease in their lives. Please take some time and check this group out. They are really good friends of mine. Do what you can to help support and spread awareness of this disease. 


Click on the logo/picture to go to their's worth it.

Sean Skyler
Sean Skyler



My art may consist of charcoal or a lens but my good friend Sean Skyler is a true artist in the world of music. I have had the pleasure of hosting one of his performances and beyond his talent is just an equally good man. You have to check him out and give his music your ear. I suggest you start with My Love. You'll be hooked as I am. 


Yes, I did the drawing of Sean. Just click on it to get to Sean. 

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