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Trying to expand a bit and play with color. Being color blind this hasn't always produced great results. Regardless, here it is.... I used watercolor paints, pastels, ink and charcoal on a piece of drywall to create this piece of musician Prince. The original size is 31" x 33", a rather large piece, that is ready to hang on any wall as a free "floating" piece. The drywall has a solid board backing of around 1/4" recessed an inch or two with hanging hardware attached to give it seperation from the wall. It could be framed as well but would be a custom job. Reprints are on quality stock and signed. If you would like a specific size or a canvas print contact me for pricing. Hope you connect.


  • The original piece has a bit of weight to it. To ship it reqires a wood frame/crate to protect it. I have done an average cost analysis for US shipping and included it in the price. You will still be charged $8 for freight at check out but the real and much larger cost is in the price.

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