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Taking a scrap piece of drywall and tryng to turn it into something beautiful. The simple sultry movements draw the eyes and can fuel the passions and desires between us. Trying to capture the power of female seduction, this piece is 48" Long by 23" Wide on 1/2" drywall. The drywall is secured and reinforced with a wood backing that gets the total depth around 3/4" with proper wired back for easy installation/hanging. 


The original piece ships in a customized reinforced container for optimal safety. If you wish to purchase the original please contact me for a proper freight quote. Depending where the destination is I am willing to deliver personally in an effort to save you money. 


Reprints are available on quality stock. Canvas reproductions are available upon request. Contact me with size and quantity for price quote. Thank you.


Be well,


The Tease 2

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